Take Action NOW

A stitch in time they say saves 9…I have had many occurrences where it has saved 1,000,000.

Recently I have come to see(realize) that ignorance and procrastination kill vision,dreams,goals, aspirations and destiny!!

What is that thing you need to do?

What is that research you need to embark on?
What’s that information you need to know?
What is that skill you need to acquire?

And when you finally have the answers you don’t only do it, you do it at the right time…do it IMMEDIATELY!!

You dont know the height you can reach until you FLY!!
You can soar higher and farther than the others…greater than you have ever imagined; just choose to be proactive!!

Paint the scenario in your mind, outline the certainties and uncertainties, deal with the risk, do provisioning for possible losses and FLY!!

Do that thing right now!!
With all the fears still go ahead and do it,line upon line precept upon precepts a lil here a lil there…
As it goes on, consistently, other aspects begin to unfold!!

Fear goes away, the light begins to penetrate even if it comes as rays initially, don’t worry the intensity will definitely get stronger!

Don’t ever regret the lost time, opportunities, advantages,positions, and whatever it is that you might have misplaced or wasted,you should learn from it, self examine yourself, outline your mistakes and lapses….know them like you know your right hand so that you won’t go that route ‘again’
you won’t make that kind of bad choice ‘again’
you would do stuff at the right time.

Feel bad if you have to. ..cry if you have to, dont ever suppress your emotions!!!

Have HOPE…. dont ever loose it!!

The kind of HOPE that does not despair….the one that JESUS gives me….”because He lives I can face tomorrow”

Let Love reign supreme in your heart, I mean don’t be filled with resentment….purge yourself of all hate…

Love yourself so you can love others too.

There is no substitute for life ….you gotta live it right this very first time!

Do you mind sharing what you have done at the right time that has saved you a lot?

Or what you did not do that cost you so much?

Please feel free to share this at the comment section!

Be encouraged!!!

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  • Profound thoughts. Thank you for this.

    It’s indeed true one should be proactive as regard ones vision and plans. I’ve been able to achieve and failed to achieve certain things through this.

    I’m rebolgging this💕💕

  • Too often I think the problem is gathering the courage to get out of our own way and stand firm on the Hope Jesus has set before us. Once we do, we realize that it really is done. Excellent work dear

  • Very true, reminds me of a Chinese saying “the best time to plant a tree is 1000 years ago, the second best time is NOW”

  • I quiet agree with u on some things bit on some I disagree…
    Yes to taking actions, but there are times u take action by not taking action. The way life is can’t be operated in 1 or 2D its multi dimensional

      • I’ve conceived like 4 great ideas, I thought of taking action,OK let me start ,”oh no “its capital intensive I can’t fund it, I don’t have any family I Want to ask for support, friends are busy forming so u don’t know who is who,I can’t share the idea with investors directly without them wanting to know what everything entails and in so doing my ideas will be stolen, bank won’t grant me loan because I need a huge collateral for this, Bank Of Industry is still directly or indirectly using man know man operation.🤷🏻‍♀
        If I don’t take action,another person might discover the idea who might have all d resources and get it done and make the huge millions that I should make if I have taken action. But I couldn’t act because of the action I took,so tell me how has it helped me.🤷🏻‍♀

        • But lolade part of taking action is to look for who knows who cos that’s how the society you are in plays…you just never give up
          So start with small loans from banks and friends….
          You can check your circle of friends, you also have to be associated with people who seek and have information and are ready to help
          Don’t be with quitters, everything is achievable, everything is possible to those who believe
          Let’s get your Bank of Industry wish sorted! !
          Any Bank of Industry staff in the house? ??

  • Indeed very inspiring. I have been willing to do something now for about three years. Really fear of the unknown keeps us from moving ahead. But it’s really high time to start irrespective of our fears. Thanks once again for this piece.

  • Procastination is an enemy to success thanks for hitting the nail on the head. You are such inspiration to our generation and we are so blessed to have u.

  • I started this year thanking God with a thought of what he helped me to achieve last year but was feeling the pain of what I wanted to do but I didn’t do, so I told myself I will let go the pain it’s a fresh year I will plan strategically, commit myself to people that will hold me responsible for my inaction and trust God to help me
    So the pain is gone but I’m taking an action already to get it done
    Thanks Aroha your thoughts are blessed

  • Like Nike’s motto says. “Just do it”. Most times, fear restricts us from taking the steps we need to take. If only, we will hold that fear and just do it. Nothing wrong in doing it scared, just do it. Dare to actualise your dreams

  • @ololade I’m convinced there’s too much room in this world for a truly great Idea. You say you’ve conceived 4?😲
    I should probably take your number.

    But here’s a thought worth considering.
    Genius is 1% inspiration(call it idea) and 99%persipiration- Thomas A. Edison.

    Yeah that came from the man that gave the world the electric bulb. Some consider to be greatest inventor in history.

    He tried a reported ten thousand times. He also probably didn’t think it would take that long? Have you tried 10,000 times? Fine-tuning your approach with by reviewing your last step of action?

    Getting the idea is the easy part. Bringing the Idea to life is the really demanding part.

    Take Action… I hope you see your dreams fly!!!


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